Under60 Daily | 28 December 2020

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[Telecom] Nokia Corp. has announced an extension to its partnership with a new three-year deal with Thai based DTAC, a mobile phone operator. The deal will include Nokia providing AirScale Radio Access solutions for Thailand's 4G and 5G networks.

Over60: WSJ, Globe Newswire

[Automobiles] India's Transport Minister has confirmed that Tesla will enter the Indian market in early 2021. Tesla will start taking bookings for its Model 3 from January, while delivery is expected to start from June. The Model 3 is expected to list at INR 55 lakhs ($75,000). 

Over60: Mint

[Markets] Alibaba shares slid by 8% on Monday morning as Beijing accused the company of regulatory failings. Since October, Alibaba's share prices have fallen by 25%, resulting in Jack Ma's fortune falling from $62 billion to $49 billion. 

Over60: Yahoo! Finance

[Stimulus] President Trump signed a Covid-19 bill that averts a government shutdown on Sunday after delaying the signing for a week. The bill will allow for a new $600 stimulus check for Americans and an extension to the $300 a week federal unemployment benefits.

Over60: WSJ, CNN

[Video Games] Investors sue CD Projekt, the studio behind Cyberpunk 2077, claiming that they hyped the game with false and misleading statements and cost investors money.

Over60: CNBC

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