Under60 Daily | 25 December 2020

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[Freight] An additional 800 British soldiers have been sent to the Britain-French border at Kent to assist with Covid testing truckers. An estimated 8000 drivers remain to be tested before being allowed into France.

Over60: Business Insider

[Markets] Chinese stocks had a strong year in contrast to other markets, gaining nearly $5 trillion. Chinese businesses listed on exchanges from New York to Shanghai have added 41% to $16.7 trillion, outpacing the growth of American companies that added 21% to $41.6 trillion.

Over60: WSJ (Exclusive)

[Oil & Gas] The Japanese government announced that the sale of new gas-powered cars would be banned in the mid-2030s. The move was criticized by Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, who said a sudden shift to electric vehicles could cripple the Japanese car industry. 

Over60: WSJ, Reuters

[Automobiles] Indian automakers brace for parts shortages over the next three to four months due to a global shortage of available shipping containers. A global surge in demand for certain goods during the pandemic has upended normal trade flows and appears to be the leading cause for the container shortage.

Over60: Reuters

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