Under60 Daily | 11 December 2020

Welcome to another edition of Under60 Daily - a brief rundown of the top happenings in the business world, curated by hand to exclude the clutter and ensure you get up to speed in under a minute.

[Markets] Airbnb opened for trading for the first time at $146 a share following its IPO at $68 per share the day earlier. The vacation rental company’s market cap is now $86.5 billion, higher than rivals such as Marriott ($42 billion) and Hilton ($29 billion),

Over60: CNBC

[Cloud] Amazon announced plans on Thursday to offer free training for 29 million people in cloud-computing. The training will make people eligible for entry-level positions at cloud companies like Amazon Web Services, among others.

Over60: WSJ, Mint

[Markets] SoftBank ends its losing streak with a win in DoorDash’s IPO. The Japanese technology investor made an estimated $11.5 billion paper gain on its investment of $680 million in DoorDash.

Over60: WSJ, CNBC

[M&A] MetLife Inc. has agreed to sell its U.S. property and casualty insurance business to Swiss insurer Zurich Insurance for $3.94 billion.

Over60: WSJ, Reuters

[M&A] Hyundai took a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics from SoftBank for $1.1 billion. The purchase is expected to assist Hyundai’s development of service and logistics robots.

Over60: The Verge

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