6th January 2021

Amazon inches closer to fully replacing UPS and FedEx with its own delivery service

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[Logistics] Amazon has purchased 11 used Boeing planes from U.S. carriers Delta and WestJet. The planes will support the company’s package delivery service when the planes enter service in 2022.

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[Manufacturing] The top six steelmakers in India are poised to increase market share in crude steel production to 65% in December, against a historical average of 55%. Large players like Tata Steel, SAIL, and JSW Steel are swallowing more market share as the pandemic is forcing smaller players out of the market.

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[Gas] India plans to spend $60 billion in creating gas infrastructure till 2024, including for pipelines, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, and city gas distribution (CGD) networks. A new 16,000 km (~9942 mi) gas pipeline network is the centerpiece of the project and will help supply clean fuel for households, vehicles, and industries in South India.

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[Economy] The U.S. 10-year treasury bill dropped to its lowest level since the start of the pandemic as the Democrats look poised to win both senate seats in Georgia. If this happens, the Democrats will control both the House and Senate, allowing them to pass larger stimulus packages.

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