25th February 2021

McKinsey Consulting Surprise Leadership Change, Coinbase Announces An IPO And More

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[Leadership] McKinsey partners have voted to replace Kevin Sneader as a global managing partner in a historic rebuke over his handling of a string of crises. 

Over60: FT, Business Insider

[EV] Foxconn Technology Group will develop an electric vehicle with Fisker Inc., part of the manufacturer’s efforts to boost its automotive capabilities at a time when technology companies, including its main customer, Apple Inc., are looking to expand in vehicles.

Over60: Yahoo! Finance

[IPO] Coinbase on Thursday disclosed its regulatory filing to go public, setting the stage for a landmark stock market listing for the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange.

Over60: ET

[Tech] WeWork co-founder and former Chief Executive Adam Neumann is set to reap an extra $50 million windfall and other benefits as part of an agreement that would settle a bitter dispute he and other early investors in the company have waged with SoftBank.

Over60: WSJ, Yahoo! Finance

[M&A] Private equity Carlyle Group has emerged as the sole bidder to acquire Blackstone Group-owned Mphasis Ltd. In what would be the largest buyout in the Indian IT industry, said multiple people involved in the deal.

Over60: ET

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