11th February 2021

Wonder if the underwriters met up on Bumble to begin with.

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[Cryptocurrencies] Mastercard will allow customers to transact in certain cryptocurrencies. The company plans on allowing merchants to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. The announcement comes as more businesses have started recognizing the alternative currency, with Tesla recently announcing that it will accept crypto payments. Visa is also considering the same if cryptocurrencies become a recognized means of exchange. 

Over60: Bloomberg Quint

[C-Suite] Bill Michael, chairman of KPMG UK, is stepping down due to comments he made during an online meeting. The ex-chairman allegedly told staff to ‘stop moaning’ and to stop ‘playing the victim card’ on issues surrounding working conditions. 

Over60: Australian Financial Review

[M&A] Reports suggest that Microsoft had recently approached Pinterest over a potential acquisition. Microsoft was looking at acquiring the $51 billion company as it seeks to expand the number of companies that run on its cloud computing services. 

Over60: FT

[IPO] Online dating app Bumble raised $2.2 billion from its IPO at a value of $8 billion. Bumble plans on using the funds to repurchase shares from pre-IPO owners and pay down debt. Goldman Sachs and Citigroup were the lead underwriters of the issue. 

Over60: Reuters

[Markets] An average of €9.2 billion worth of shares were traded on a daily basis on Euronext Amsterdam, resulting in Amsterdam overtaking London as the biggest share trading centre in Europe. This was largely due to regulatory differences between the EU and the UK, caused by Brexit. 

Over60: Reuters

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